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Stanley Lim

Undergraduate Computer Science Major

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Stanley Lim

Student at Stony Brook University

An efficient developer with over 4 years of software and web development. Proficient in Java, C#, VB.NET, and JavaScript. Motivated self learner.



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Frameworks / Technologies

Personal Projects

Polarity Browser

A flexible web browser designed to optimize memory usage for Windows with over 1,000,000 downloads during my spare time. Focused limiting resource usage by filtering websites with memory intensive nuances while maintaining a large feature set. The browser comes with support for userscripts, themes, apps, and the latest web standards.

A modern, flexible CSS framework bundled with pre-styled components such as tabs, cards, modals, and modularized theming. It is designed with a relatively small footprint, using only 12.6kb when minified and gzipped.

A versatile web app developer to allow for easier music discovery and streaming in SoundCloud. Powered by SoundCloud's API, Nimbus allows users to find songs by name, artist, genre, tags, duration, and more and will automatically add more related (or non-related) tracks to the background.


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Terminal multiplexor similar to Tmux which supports up to 10 virtual sessions. Extended functionality by adding ANSI emulation, status bar for terminal status, and split screen support.

Polarity Search

This was developed to bring back the experience Google Instant Search had back when it was still around. Powered by AJAX, Polarity Search is a snappy search client that works with any device.

Polarity Weather

A beautiful web app designed to display weather conditions and forecasts for any location around the world.

A private messaging client powered by NodeJs. Echo is fully responsive and supports emoji tags (:smile:).

Material Dark

Chrome Store

A dark minimalistic theme for Google Chrome with over 180,000 users and is currently featured in the Chrome Store.

A beautiful and minimalistic new tab replacement for Google Chrome.

A responsive web application written in Go to scrape for memes on any subreddit. This was submitted to HackCEWIT.

2016 - 2019 (Dec.)

Stony Brook University

B.S. Computer Science

Overall GPA: 3.92

  • Relevant Courses
    • Analysis of Algoithms (Steven Skiena)
    • System Fundamentals I (Microprocessors and Assembly)
    • System Fundamentals II (Systems Programming and C)
    • Offensive Security (Low-level/Web Exploitation)
    • Security Fundamentals (Cryptography, operating systems security, network security, and language-based security)
    • Cloud Computing (Constructing scalable systems following SLAs)
    • Databases (Database design, information consistency)

Awards and Honors: Dean's List, Presidential Scholarship (Fall 2016 - Fall 2019), and Summa Cum Laude Graduate
Work Experience
February 2020 - Present

Amazon (Amazon Web Services)

Software Developer Engineering

  • TBA...
Jun. 2019 - Aug. 2019

Amazon (Amazon Web Services)

Software Developer Engineering Intern

  • Utilized test-driven development to implement APIs for platform team to add additional functionality. Utilized Mockito and JUnit for testing.
  • Used CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS and DynamoDB to implement the serverless infrastructure to parallelize data processing for incoming requests to service. Resulted in increased throughput by 20x and reduced server latencies by 34% on average.
Aug. 2017 - Dec. 2018

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

System Fundamentals I (Microprocessors and Assembly)

  • Taught classes of 20-30 students the concepts of computer organization, MIPS architecture, and control path design.
  • Helped introduce the MIPS Assembly programming language through live coding sessions.
  • Held office hours for 3 hours each week and moderated and answered questions on Piazza for over 150 students.
May 2018 - Aug. 2018

LBi Software

Software Engineering Intern

  • Full-stack development on LBi’s flagship product using Angular, TypeScript, Spring, and SQL.
  • Reduced server startup time by 50% by building a wrapper for the BIRT runtime that runs directly inside the application, rather than as a separate deployment.
  • Implemented RESTful API with SpringBoot secured with JWT authentication.
  • Worked on base design of the application by implementing a common design scheme for navigation menus, buttons, and other Angular components.
  • Constructed backend service using test-driven development with JUnit, Mockito, and Swagger.
2016 - Present

Ecosia Partnership


  • Working in conjunction with Ecosia by helping generate funds for reforestation in different countries such as Peru (Pur Project), Madagascar (Eden Project), and Burkina Faso (WeForest/OZG) through Polarity's web traffic. Polarity's users have the option to help assist in this global effort.
  • Successfully raised enough money to plant over 500 trees total in the regions listed above.
2015 - 2016

AP Computer Science Tutor

Peer Tutor

  • Taught students at Hicksville High School the principles of object oriented program design for 3-4 hours each week in a classroom setting.
  • Guided students through small introductory projects to larger applications in game development using JApplet and Canvas
  • Reviewed student submissions to ensure that code was properly formatted with ample documentation on program functionality.
2011 - Present

Freelance Developer

Just me, myself, and I.

  • Worked on a wide range of projects from Windows software to responsive web apps using VB.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a world wide audience (Polarity Browser for instance).
  • In charge of promoting applications with little to no cost by contacting software vendors (CNET, Softpedia, ...) , SEO, and spreading through social media.
  • Assisted users through software issues and troubleshooting remotely.
2016 - 2017

Stony Brook Web and App Development Club

Lead Front-end Developer / Vice President

  • Organized meetings and lead front-end team in web development for the club’s website and coordinated with back-end team’s use of Spring.
  • Gave talks on web design for responsive layouts, optimizing static files, and deploying and managing websites with Heroku and cPanel.
  • Successfully completed the very first website for the club with a Spring back-end.